Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some days you wish you'd stayed in bed...

Today was not quite one of those days, but I did just get an annoying email from a client. Turns out they want our "marked up drawings" showing the acoustic treatments we have recommended.

Except, I had a long discussion with one of their staff last week, explaining that we haven't marked up any drawings, so we don't have any marked up drawings to provide.


Consulting would be so much more enjoyable if we didn't have to deal with clients... ;-)

Sometimes they ask for silly stuff. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they just want to do stuff that just plain wont work - like putting massive banks of refrigeration equipment and diesel-powered generators in a quiet residential neighbourhood. Or tap-dance studios on suspended wooden floors. Or nightclubs in quiet suburbs. Or apartment buildings in entertainment precincts full of nightclubs.

We don't see so much in the way of industrial/residential conflicts lately, mainly because they usually have other problems with that, and most councils have finally twigged that steel mills and panel beaters next door to retirement villages isn't really a good idea.

Retirement villages next to major roads, highways, or railway lines, though, we see a surprising number of those.

I actually had a client say to me once "It doesn't matter, they're all deaf anyway!". He was mostly joking, I think, but not 100% sure on that...

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