Thursday, April 3, 2008

So, what's with that title?


And with that, I've exhausted my knowledge of Spanish. (That is Spanish, right? ;-)

So, I've finally decided to jump on the Bandwagon. It's all Dan's fault.

Actually, I've had a blog of sorts for a while. I hardly update it, though (and may not update this one much, either, knowing me!). I mean, last entry 2 November 2007? That's slack!

But this one should be accessible from my PC, which is where I spend about 90% of my computing time. Oh, all right, 95%. Maybe I'll be more inclined to dash off a quick waffle, rather than pulling out the MacBookPro to do it. I'll still keep uploading the photos to my .mac web gallery, though.

Anyway, the title I came up with after a comment from my wife, that blogs are just all about people stroking their egos, thinking that they've got something to say that people are interested in.

Yup, totally! :-D

So, now that I've started this, I guess I have to keep it going! See you all round... (hopefully well before 3 months!)

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