Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's a second post!

So, I've just been playing around a bit with some of the settings for this blogger service. A fair bit of flexibility, it looks like. Not bad... I shall have to try out some of the more advanced settings later.

In the meantime...

Went to the dentist this evening, for a regular checkup & teeth clean. Damn, I hate the sound those dentist's scalers make. Like a mosquito, but one on steroids. And protein supplement. Who has spent about 10 years working out big time at the local gym.

Unfortunately, it appears I have the beginnings of a cavity under the edge of an old filling (from when I was a kid and didn't look after my teeth as well as I should have, best parental efforts notwithstanding!).


I hate drilling even more.


Dan Weber said...

Ah the dentist. The stuff of nightmares if you ask me. That bloody scaler is evil incarnate. If you are a wuss like me, they'll give you lots of meds (ah, nitrous oxide, where were you in my misspent youth? :) Of course the Yanks are way more liberal with the meds than we aussies are

Bern said...


Get a look at this page if you want to read about nitrous... :-P