Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lucky bugger of the month

I just spotted this headline on the ABC News website:

Man falls into ocean after trying to swat shark

The story: A guy is fishing in a small tinny, a great white starts chewing on his outboard (happens all the time, don't ya know), so he goes to swat it away with an oar, which he promptly drops in the ocean. So he circles around to pick up the oar, but when he leans over the side of the boat to grab it, he falls out. The boat has got the motor running, so it putters off, leaving him adrift in the ocean.

With a great white shark that he'd just been prodding with an oar...

Apparently the shark came back, swam around him a few times, then cruised off. (It probably didn't like the smell after he crapped himself!) A little while later, another boat passing by picked him up.

I don't know about you, but I'd be buying myself a lottery ticket after that. Then again, maybe not - I think he's just about used up all his luck for the millennium...

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