Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Gaelic photos

Ok, so it's taking me a while...

But I've now sorted & uploaded pics from the following games at the 2008 Australasian Gaelic Football & Hurling Championships:

Women v SA on 29 September

Men v NSW on 29 September

Women v WA on 30 September

Men v WA on 30 September

Men v VIC on 1 October (the women had a bye this day)

Still to come:
Women v VIC on 2 October
Men v SA on 2 October
Women v NSW on 3 October
Men v HVW on 3 October
Women v WA on 4 October (semi-final)
Men v SA on 4 October (semi-final)
Hurling Grandfinal VIC v WA
Womens Grandfinal SA v WA
Mens Grandfinal SA v VIC all on 5 October

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