Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally, some action!

Yes, I'm a slacker, I don't post anywhere near as much as Dan does. But then, I think I lead a pretty boring life by comparison! And he's had some pretty interesting stuff to post about lately, what with the cutting-things-up training holiday he's on at the moment (check out the videos in his recent posts, good value).

Anyway, the real action is that I finally finished sorting through another game's worth of gaelic footy photos, and have uploaded them to my .mac online gallery. They're from a game played on the 6th of April... yes, that means it took me five whole months to get around to sorting & uploading the pics. Only another half a dozen to go... I'd like to get them all sorted / uploaded before the nationals at the end of the month, as I'm likely to have several thousand pics to sort at the end of that week (I average between 600 and 900 photos per game). We shall see, eh?

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